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Drive Kits

Steering System Installation Instructions Drilling Additional Mounting Holes in Drive Bleeding Steering System Warranty
Drive Cap/Transom Bracket Drawing Mounting Location Drawing Add-On Systems Drawings Full Power Systems Drawings
Full Power Systems & Hose Drawings Hose Assembly Instructions Hose Cleaning & Inspection Manifold to Brazil Valve Diagram
Tie Bar Installation Instructions Post-2007 PO7 Drive Kit

Internal Steering

Gimball Mount Layout

Bravo Tie Bars

Tie Bar Diagram Installation Instructions

Helm Kits

Tilt Helm Mounting Instructions Tilt Steering Drawing Post-2016 Outboard Tilt Helms Fixed Helm Drill Template

Hatch Lift

Hydraulic Hatch Lift Install & Start-up Procedure Hydraulic Hatch Lift Wiring Diagram